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Chickpeas with Sparkle

I love how golden hour makes everything look sparkly ✨✨✨

Our family didn't get enough rain to plant a winter crop this year, so it's lucky our best mate and his family got some in, and we could take our kids for a ride on one of their harvesters. Although I think Anthony and I had more fun than the kids!

While Elsie and Anthony were having their turn in the harvester, Landon had fun exploring and being a little farmer checking out the crop, and I had fun with my camera.

I love how these photos turned out!

Capture Date: 5 Sept. 2020

Location: 'Steel Wings', Fernlees, Central Queensland

There was cloud and smoke haze on the horizon but the sun was still bright enough to make things sparkle

My cute little farmer (just need to get him some clothes to make him look like a farmer!)

I don't know why but I really love these two photos (above and below)!

I think it's the layers... and the colours...

This photo makes me think of rose gold

The big girl we got to go for a ride on!

I was hoping to get back out to see them again before harvest was finished to get more landscape type photos, but life and rain happened, so I didn't get there. Maybe next year!

Bindi 🙂


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