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Well this is me, Bindi Nalder (nee Holzwart) – the face behind Bindi Taneal Photography.


A few fun facts about me:

  • I am a wife and mother (we have twins who are super cute, although they keep me on my toes!) I am so blessed!

  • I have only ever lived within a 35km radius of Emerald, Central Queensland.

  • We live just out of Emerald on a small block and I'd love to add some farm animals to our family soon (hint hint husband!), but for now it's just our two dogs and one cat.

  • My family have both Charolais and Angus cattle studs, located here at Emerald, which is where I take a lot of my photos.

  • I love plants, reading and country music. Oh and I love the rain.

  • Sunset is my favourite time of the day.

  • I love the wide open spaces and getting out to explore (and photograph) it when I can.

Bindi Taneal Photography.jpg



One of my all time favourite photos, taken with my Olympus E-520.

As a teenager, I always had my trusty little point & shoot Kodak camera in my hand. Mostly I took photos of my friends and family, our farm and our pets.


For Christmas 2008, my Dad and Mum bought me my first DSLR – an Olympus E-520 – and that’s where my love of photography really took off.


After getting my Olympus, I was taking so many photos and not doing anything with them – they were just taking up room on the computer. So I decided to start sharing them. At first I was just sharing my photos with family and friends and it has gradually grown to where it is today.


Bindi Taneal Photography came to life in late 2010.

Now, I mainly use my Nikon D750 and my favourite lens is my Nikkor 70-200mm f2.8 lens. 


As shown in my Gallery, my passion for photography lies in Rural Living & Landscapes (where my heart is) and Sunsets (my favourite time of the day). I also enjoy taking photos of Animals, Seascapes (when I get the chance to visit the beach) and People (including formal shoots and families).

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