Well this is me – the face behind Bindi Taneal Photography


My name is Bindi Nalder (nee Holzwart) and I was born and raised in Emerald, Central Queensland, where I still live today.


Aside from taking photos, in my spare time I enjoy spending time with my husband and our two Dachshunds, getting my hands dirty in the garden and normally the country music is blaring wherever I am.  


My family owns 2 cattle properties within 30 minutes of Emerald and run both Charolais and Angus studs. This is where a lot of my photos are taken.

Although I now live in town, my heart lies in the wide open spaces and I get out of town whenever I get a chance.


As a teenager, I always had my trusty little point & shoot Kodak camera in my hand. Mostly I took photos of my friends and family, our farm and our pets.


For Christmas 2008, my Dad and Mum bought me my first DSLR – an Olympus E-520 – and that’s where my love of photography really took off.


After getting my Olympus, I was taking so many photos and not doing anything with them – they were just taking up room on the computer. So I decided to start sharing them. At first I was just sharing my photos with family and friends and it has gradually grown to where it is today.


Bindi Taneal Photography came to life in late 2010.

My all time favourite photo taken with my Olympus E-520.

Now, 6 years later, I use two Nikon DSLR cameras – a Nikon D750 and Nikon D7100 – with a few different lenses (including a wide angle lens and a macro lens).


As shown in my Gallery, my passion for photography lies in Rural Living & Landscapes (where my heart is) and Sunsets (my favourite time of the day). I also enjoy taking photos of Animals (especially my fur-babies), Seascapes (when I get the chance to visit the beach) and People (including formal shoots and families).

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