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Nature | Colours from my Garden

Hello all!

I was feeling a bit creative this afternoon so I got my camera and macro lens out.

Here are some of the colours from my garden this afternoon <3


One of my cactus plants getting ready to flower - I will have to make sure I get the camera out again once it blooms!

A bromeliad that's turned a bit pink from getting some sunshine. (Yes - lots of my plants have spikes and I quite often have battle scars from them hehe).

I love the vibrant green of this fern.

This little guy was a Christmas present :D So this is it's first time in front of my camera. He wasn't even camera shy! :P

The side of my wheelbarrow that some of my cacti collection lives in.

I think this one is even spikier than it looks! Does anyone want to volunteer to re-pot it for me? :P

And last but not least, a gerbra flower. They are so delicate if you look at them closely!

I hope you enjoyed seeing a snippet of my garden!

Bindi :)

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