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A colourful display

How amazing is this display of colours!

These photos were taken at my Aunt & Uncle's place in Gracemere, back in May 2021. They are a hedge along the side of their shed and this particular day we visited, they were looking absolutely stunning! I love the different colours and varieties they have planted.

Bougainvillea's are one of my husband's least favourite plants because of their thorns, so we only have one very small, potted bougainvillea plant 😂

Are you a lover or a hater of them?

Captured: 29 May 2021

Location: Gracemere, Queensland

Don't tell my husband, but I think I might need to add one of the variegated ones to my plant collection.😜 The foliage is so striking and the flowers are a bonus!

Bindi 📷


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