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Autumn Morning Magic

I'm not much of a morning person and like my sleep, so often I miss the early morning fogs. This one the other day was beautiful though, and stuck around until about 9am. I noticed a dew covered spiderweb in the paddock in front of our house, so out I went with my camera. (I am still so thankful I can walk out the front door and take photos like these! Mostly our scrub annoys me, but on this foggy morning I was thankful for it because it added depth to the photos and gave me something extra to photograph other than buffel grass).

The dew drops make the grasses look so magical. I had never really paid attention to how many different grasses (and weeds 🙈) we had in our paddock until this morning. I get so fascinated by the different colours and shapes. (This is also why I have a plant addiction and keep adopting plants for the house, my to hubby's 'delight' 😜).

A macro lens is definitely on my wish list, especially after taking these! I would have loved to have been able to get closer to capture more details of the dew drops. (These photos were taken with either my 70-200mm f2.8 lens or my 24-70mm f2.8 lens for anyone interested. Side note: I was wondering why the photos from my favourite 70-200mm weren't as clear as usual when I was taking these, but when I got back inside I realised it still had a layer of dust on the front of it from when I was taking photos in the cattle yards a week or so earlier😂).

The two old gentlemen who live in our paddock had me following them around for a while too. I love their sweet faces and their little willie wag-tail friend was the cherry on top.

I think that's enough of me rambling, so here is the Autumn morning magic my camera and I created! (Make sure you click on them to get them bigger on your screen.)

Captured: 16 May 2023

Location: Our front paddock, Emerald, Central Queensland

Magical, don't you think?

Bindi 📷


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