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Facebook | January 2017


Welcome to my blog post for photos shared on my Facebook page during the month that was January 2017 (this year is already flying by super quick!). My goal is to have a blog post for each month of the year...

Here's something you might not know about me - I am a procrastinator!

I can never decide what photo to share on Facebook, or what words to put with it... so sometimes I don't share anything at all and get distracted doing something else.

Quite often if there's a night where no photo is shared on my Facebook page, it is simply because I couldn't decide what photo to share, or couldn't come up with anything to say about it.

So please be patient with me and I hope you enjoy the end result of the procrastination hehe.

Bindi :)

How adorable is this cutie and his mama! You can view more photos of this horsey family here.

I love this photo! When I was trying to pick the photos to add to the galleries of my website, I rediscovered this photo and had another go at editing it. I love the end result! I think it has so much character :D

I had the pleasure of taking photos of Tiffany and her fur-babies in January. They were all extremely photogenic!

Every now and then I put 2 versions of a photo up - one in colour and one in black & white - and find out which one people like more. Colour was the winner of this one :)

I love how delicate gerbra flowers are when you look at them up close <3

I took this photo somewhere between Fernvale and Mooloolaba while we were away before Christmas (I really need to get better at paying more attention to where I am when I take photos!). There would have been approx 10 trees like this in a paddock which I found quite fascinating (because the trunk at the top was a lot thinner than the trunk at the bottom, so I couldn't work out if the tree had been cut off and reshot or if I new plant had been planted in the trunk. And I thought the corrugated iron was cool - gave it more character).

Wasn't this sunset a beauty! Check out the blog post of this sunset to see how the colours changed :D

Yamala, Central Queensland.

How adorable is Miss Daisy?!

Daisy is a miniature pig and was a bit of a poser once she got use to the camera ;)

To see more photos of Daisy & her friends, click here.

Daisy loves a good scratch! I can see her smiling in this photo ;)

Wherever January took you, I hope it was a great month for you!

This photo was very popular on Facebook with over 45 likes!

I think it might have to be in next year's calendar ;)

This was taken on the same day as the sunset photo shared earlier.

Such amazing clouds!

This was the photo I shared on Australia Day.

These amazing gum trees are along the Gavial Gracemere Road, East of Gracemere (I am trying to get better at taking note of where I take photos hehe).

After receiving a beautiful 42mm 27/01/17 I shared this photo of a storm 14/01/17, taken along the Comet River Road.

This is another photo taken 14/01/17 along the Comet River Road. The previous photo was looking East, and this one was taken looking towards the South.

I love taking photos of textures, whether it be old corrugated iron, the bark of a tree, or in this case, the slightly smoother texture of the side of one of the wheelbarrows I have in my garden :)

Well I hope you all enjoyed these photos and be sure to subscribe to not miss an update ;)

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