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Facebook | February 2017

I cannot believe we are in March already!

Here is a recap of the photos I shared on my Facebook page in February 2017. If you haven't already, make sure you head on over and 'Like' the Bindi Taneal Photography page.

Bindi :)

One day I want a shed like this ;)

Some of my photos are years in the making... I have had my eye on this shed for a good 5 years or so, and finally got a few snaps of it! :D

I posted this on the 2nd February which was apparently 'friends day', so I shared this photo of these two friends.

Colour was yet again the winner of the 'Colour vs Black & White'.

I love taking photos of random things... Like grass on the side of the road ;)

I'm quite sure people sometimes look at me when I'm taking photos and think "What on earth is she photographing?" Hehe.

This stormy shot was taken near Gracemere in January.

It was such a warm day I think most of the rain was evaporating before it hit the ground!

Old trees have so much character! This beautiful tree is located approx 10 minutes south of Rockhampton.

"Why do farmers farm? Love. They must do it for love."

- Wendell Berry.

Sunset <3

There was lightning in a storm to the North West... This was the best I could get, but at lease I got one!

Occasionally this is what happens when I am waiting patiently for the sun to set... Selfie! ;)

And then when I get home, I have fun testing out some different ways of editing lol.

I asked my Facebook followers which was their favourite and...

Who would have thought it would take a photo of myself to finally get a win for the black & white! :P

A different kind of selfie ;)

I love the texture of the ground in this photo.

A new edit on an old photo (taken in 2015 - so not that old hehe). The beautiful 'Brumby'.

This is the February photo from my 2017 Calendar :)

We drove past this place on our way from Mooloolaba to Fernvale back in December. I couldn't resist getting some photos - it had so much character :)

Most things in my garden can and will hurt you... :P

I got this cute little cactus for Christmas <3 It is about the same size as a fat thumb ;)

Pretty & pink :) The different colours of sunset are amazing and there's never 2 the same <3

(View more photos from this magnificent sunset here).

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