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Facebook | April 2017

Welcome to my April Facebook re-cap! Enjoy!

Buffel grass sparkling in the sunlight <3

The April photo from my 2017 Calendar. I drove past this photo the day before I shared it, and was happy to report it was surrounded by green grass :D

I re-shared this old favourite during April :) Those whiskers just get me every time :D

Beautiful Miss Daisy :)

Hello world <3

"I smile because you're my brother... I laugh because there's nothing you can do about it!"

My brother hates it when I take photos of him, and even more when I put them up on Facebook... But it's not my fault he is so photogenic.... :P

(Colour won this one, but brother liked the black & white one) ;)

I absolutely LOVE these photos of my mum and dad <3

I think I am going to have to get them printed for my wall...

I think this was mum's payback for me taking photos of her ;)

Sometimes when you're on the shorter side you've just got to improvise to get the shot you want ;)

Another re-share, this time it was these little cuties for Easter!

What do you do when editing in colour just isn't working for you? Throw it in black & white of course!

This photo makes me feel warm :)

These last two photos were the ones I shared on ANZAC day...

My heart fills with pride each ANZAC Day parade I go to. To see the community come together, young and old, to pay their respects to the past and present serving men and women of Australia.

I witnessed this moment at an ANZAC Day parade a couple of years ago. It was so beautiful watching the donkey patiently wait as the little boy patted him.

"At the same time every year we all remember him At the crack of dawn we stand as one for all our fallen friends So drink to that man we call the ANZAC We will remember him" (Lyrics of 'The ANZAC' by Adam Brand)

I hope you enjoyed the photos I shared throughout April and I hope May is kind to you! :D

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