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Facebook | August 2017

I thought I better share my August Facebook photos with you all before September ran out!

"You see a horse with your eyes, but you feel a horse with your soul." - Unknown

How could I not share a horse photo on 1st August... It was their birthday after all!

The sunset on the 5th August here in Central Queensland was absolutely amazing... This photo was taken at Dingo, Central Queensland. Check out more photos of the painted sky here.

This was the August photo in my 2017 Calendar. My 2018 Calendar is a work in progress, so watch this space! ;)

I shared this photo one night when I was procrastinating about things I shouldn't have even been doing when I should have been doing something else :P

I should have been either catching up on some photo editing from photoshoots I had done recently, cleaning the house so it didn't look like a tornado had gone through it, or designing a flyer for an event for my church...

But instead I was umming and ahhing over which photo to share to share on my Facebook page. And then I filled the post with emoticons ;)

P.S. As you can see, my gorgeous old truck in glorious sunlight won as the photo to share :P

The weather was absolutely divine the day I shared this photo (13th August). It was too nice of a day to spend inside on the computer, so I did some gardening instead ;)

How gorgeous are these weaners! I love all the different colours <3

Sometimes when I take photos they don't turn out anywhere near as good as what I think they will... Then some photos, like this one, turn out even better! (Colour was the favourite of these two).

Another photo from that amazing sunset at Dingo, Central Queensland (view more photos here).

Isn't Tilly a cutie?

And how adorable is this face <3

Two of my favourite things to photograph... Sunsets and windmills <3

It was National Dog Day on 26th August so I decided to take some photos of my fur-babies.

This is Bandit's "give me the treats and no one gets hurt" face hehe :P

Take time to notice the small things in life <3

"They do not judge, they do not gossip, they do not lie. Horses are true friends". ❤️ - Unknown

I hope you all enjoyed the recap of the photos I shared on my Facebook page for August. If you haven't already, make sure you hit the Like button! ;)

Bindi :)

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