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Facebook | October 2017

Here is the recap of the photos I shared in October on my Facebook page. Enjoy!

This photo was taken in March 2016, but after recent rain, it is nice and green like this in Central Queensland again.

This is the October photo from my 2017 Calendar. Click here to see the preview of my 2018 Calendar!

Something a bit different.. But I love the colours in this photo of my crazy cactus.

I had a bit of fun re-editing some photos I took at Mooloolaba last December.

I didn't have a tripod with me, so used the rocks to stabilitse my camera. This photo was taken with a 0.6 second exposure time to get the blurred movement of the waves.

This is one spot I would have loved to have had a drone so I could have got a photo from a better position ;)

Taken on the Gavial Gracemere Road, East of Gracemere, Central Queensland.

The weeks and weekends are just going so fast at the moment!

I haven't been getting out with my camera much since getting back from our mini holiday.. So I've been going through the archives!

I took these photos (above and below) at Yamala, Central Queensland, one foggy morning back in 2013 and had never edited them! I hope you like them :)

How beautiful and delicate are these little dew drops on the spider web <3

How awesome is this sunset!! 🌅 The above photo is a panoramic of 5 photos stitched together, captured 11/10/17 at Emerald Qld.

Story time: As I was leaving work the afternoon of 11/10/17 I looked at the clouds and thought to myself: "Self - there could be a pretty amazing sunset this afternoon."

So I raced home, got changed, grabbed my camera and chucked my two fur-babies in the car.

We went for a drive just out of town (Tyson Road) and I snapped away while my fur-babies yapped away in the car and we ended up with this! 😍😍😍

* ** *** Ok, so that was the SHORT version... here is the LONG version for anyone who wants to read it, and maybe have a giggle... *** ** *

As I was leaving work the afternoon of 11/10/17 I looked at the clouds and thought to myself: "Self - there could be a pretty amazing sunset this afternoon."

So I raced home, got changed, grabbed my camera, got the dog harnesses out, put Bandit's on him, tried to convince Smokey that he should stop barking at the dog over the back fence and come for a drive, eventually got the harness on Smokey, went to put them in the car, realised I had stuff all over my back seats, put the dogs in the car then moved all of the stuff off the seat, decided I should put the seat cover back on the back seat then proceeded to try and do so while I had 2 dog on the back seat...

Then Bandit decided to jump into the front seat, which made putting the cover on easier, but then when I was ready to go Bandit was playing chasey with me.. If I went to the passenger side door, he would go to the drivers seat where I couldn't reach him... If I went to the drivers side, he would jump back onto the passenger seat... So I gave up and got in the car. Bandit then thought he could sit on my lap, so I said 'Haha - gotcha!' and put him back in the back seat...

We then went on our merry way and ended up at Tyson Road... I snapped away while my fur-babies yapped away and we ended up with this! 😍😍😍

(Thanks to all who read my novel - aka the long version! I hope you enjoyed it and got a giggle out of it! ... Just remember I did warn you it was the long version of the story hehe).

"When life throws you a rainy day, play in the puddles!"

(Photo taken near Clermont 02/10/17)

These clouds look like angel wings to me <3

Sunset 11/10/17 - Emerald, Central Queensland

I had no idea what photo/s to share on Facebook 24/10/17, so I went back into the archives and found this photo, then did an edit in colour & black and white.

(Taken in February 2013 at Comet, Central Queensland)

I have so many photos in my archives that I have never edited or shared. It's quite fun going through them and rediscovering photos I had forgotten about, or re-editing some of my old favourites.

The day I took this photo (back in 2013) I was trying to get some good bull photos for my family's bull sale. I failed miserably but found this good headshot amongst the duds

I was playing with some different editing styles and edited this one of Bandit when he was a puppy.

No words needed <3

My 2018 Dachshund Calendar has been sent to print! You can view the preview by clicking here.

And just like that October was gone!

I hope you all enjoyed the recap and I hope November is kind to you (well, what's left of it anyway).

Bindi :)

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