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Facebook | January 2018

It has been a busy couple of months and I am a bit behind on my Facebook re-caps! My camera and my Facebook page have both been getting a bit neglected but hopefully I'll get a chance to get out with my camera more soon.

I hope you enjoy the collection of photos I shared in January.

This panoramic is 5 photos stitched together, taken at 'Kensington', East of Emerald, 06/01/2018.

I shared this photo 11/01/2018 for Dolly.

Colour was the favourite for this one :)

I was so excited when I shared these photos! I took them from my new driveway!

Sunset 23/01/2018.

My big girl finally has a name! Watch this space ;)

"It is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream." - Bern Williams

I love the golden hour

Bindi :)

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