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Cows, Dirt & Dust

On Saturday my Dad and brother were doing some cattle work (with the help of some friends) so I grabbed my camera and headed out to 'Kensington'.

They already had the cows in the yards when I got there, and I had to leave before they took the cows back to their paddock, so unfortunately I didn't get any photos of them mustering. I still had fun getting these photos in the yards though.

When I was driving out to 'Kensington', I had in my mind what kind of photos I wanted to get, and they are what I got! Yay! I love when that happens and I may have been doing a little happy dance at my desk while editing! Hehe.


I love the earthy tones of the colour photo, but I think the black and white is quite striking too.

The black of the Angus cows worked perfectly in these photos for me!

I was hoping to get more photos like this one with the sun shining through the dust,

but only got a couple (this is the best one).

It wasn't often Ryan (brother) was standing still. It's been quite a while since I've watched him working in the yards and it was amazing watching him when he was preg testing the cows. So quick operating the vet crush and the gates (he has a lot more co-ordination than I'll ever have!), and quick with his preg testing too.

I feel like getting him a tissue hehe.

All the cows and calves were so quiet in the yards. The calves were quite inquisitive and would often come up close to the camera for a sniff.

Waiting for the next lot of drafting to be done.

Think I'll have to give my camera a good clean after taking these photos. There had been 5mm of rain the night before though, so the dust wasn't too bad.

'Puppet' watching and waiting in the yards. She's such a gorgeous little dog!

Daughter like father? I was in the yards in short denim shorts, thongs, an old long sleeve cotton shirt and a bright pink cap. Thankfully there is no photographic evidence of that! (Well none that I'm aware of...) :P

These beautiful flowers were on the side of the road heading to 'Kensington'. This top photo turned out just how I had pictured in my head as well - winning!

I hope you all had a great weekend!

Bindi :)

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