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I wore green today

I wore green today to support our Queensland Farmers. You guys know I'm much better with a camera than I am with words, and I don't normally get political but the new vegetation management laws that Annastacia Palaszczuk is proposing just makes my blood boil. Here's some of my thoughts. Unless you are a farmer or have been a farmer, you shouldn't be making decisions like this that effect farmers, their livelihoods, or the agricultural industry. But if you're a city slicker who is put in the position or insists on making decisions that will affect the people who grow the food for our country, then at least give the farmers the respect and visit them, talk to them, listen to them, and do your research properly by spending time with the people whose worlds you are trying to turn upside down. Farmers feed us and clothe us. They do not deserve this. #FairLaws4Farmers #YourFoodOurFuture

(Written and posted on Facebook 01/05/2018).

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