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Facebook | June/July 2018

The Facebook page got very quiet and very neglected during June & July (and August) for reasons which will become more obvious in my next 2 blog posts...

But for now, here is a short re-cap for June & July.

Green grass and an inquisitive moo.

Another one from the archives - I took this photo at the Emerald Saleyards back in October 2011. Such a cute little pair of boots and wrangler jeans 😉

A new edit on an old photo 📷 One of my all time favourites ❤️

I shared this photo during a week in July that was a little on the cool side ❄️ so I shared this photo I took of Buddy 🐴 last June in the fog.

I think I would share more photos if I didn't have to put words with them.. I always struggle with what to say. 😝

I did warn you it was a short one! But I hope the photos still brought a smile to your face.

Bindi :)

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