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Facebook | May 2018

Thought I'd play catch up while I'm on a bit of a role! So here is the May Facebook re-cap.

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I shared this photo on the 1st May in support of our Farmers. You can read more about it here.

Here's a little cutie to brighten your day :)

Colour was the favourite for this 'Which one Wednesday'.

What do you do when your bridle breaks half way through mustering? You improvise and use your belt of course! Ryan and Chocho took a mob of cows all the way home like this 😉

(I was going through some photos I took back in 2011 the other day, and found this one so did a quick edit on it. It's far from a perfect photo but I wanted to share it with you anyway).

Just a spiderweb and some beautiful bokeh 😊

Another one out of the archives from 2011 😊

This was taken the same day as the photo above when the bridle broke 😉

(This was another close one, but I think colour just snuck over the line as the favourite).

Another 'Which one Wednesday'! (And another photo from my 'Cows, Dust & Dirt' blog post).

Colour was the favourite, and I have to say, it is my favourite too.

I've been very slack and haven't spent much time with my camera lately, so here's another one from the archives, taken in 2011.

I wonder what they were talking about... 🤔

I hope you all enjoyed May's re-cap!

Bindi :)

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