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And now for reason #2 why Facebook and the world of Bindi Taneal Photography has been so quiet... And definitely the more special reason...

(This was my first go at creating and photographing a flat lay and I'm pretty stoked with how it turned out!)

(I had created our announcement as a video and posted it to Facebook but I couldn't get the video to work in this blog post. Try clicking here to view the animated version - If it prompts you to log into Facebook, you should be able to click 'Not now').

Growing Baby A and Baby B has been taking a bit out of me energy wise, but apart from that I have been extremely lucky throughout my pregnancy so far - if tiredness and a bit of heartburn is all I can complain about then I reckon I'm doing pretty good! (And I was always tired before so not much has changed in that regard hehe). I have turned into a bit of a couch potato though, putting my feet up.. and sitting at my computer isn't as comfortable as what it use to be so I have been avoiding it where possible.

Along with growing these two little beans (which are turning into bigger beans - approx. 30cm long now according to the app on my phone!), I have still been busy with my day job, and other community events as usual, although I have scaled back on these a lot the last month or so. Now I am starting to try and get our house and myself organised for our two little munchkins to enter the world! They'll be here before I know it!

So please forgive me if my Facebook page and blog go a bit quiet over the next little while but now you know why and at least it's for a good reason ;) I'm sure I'll hit you with lots of baby spam after their arrival and once we are all settled.

And don't worry, I still have a few blog posts and website updates planned to share with you all in the next month or so, so watch this space!

Thanks for reading!

Bindi :)

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