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Facebook | First half of 2019

The first half of 2019 went so fast and is all a bit of a blur. I didn't leave the house much and spent most of the time having cuddles with my babies ;)

My camera pretty well didn't get touched and most of the photos I shared on my Facebook page from January-June were either taken on my iPhone (but hey, the best camera you have is the one you have with you, right?) or were re-shares of old photos.

Here's a recap for you anyway :)

(My apologies for the quality of the phone photos in this post - I cheated and just saved a copy of the photos from Facebook instead of downloading them from my phone to save time - I don't have a lot of it lately!)

Posted 21/01/19 - So I’m not sure how it happened but my babies are 6 weeks old today!

I never in my wildest dreams imagined I’d have twins but I’m the very proud mummy of 2 adorable little cherubs 😍😍

They’re keeping us very busy and I’m trying to take the time to enjoy them being little which is why my page has been so quiet. Well silent haha. My page will no doubt be quiet for a bit longer yet, but I’ll try to post a photo every now and then, even if it’s just a re-share of an old favourite.

I know it seems like so long ago now, but I hope you all had a happy and fun filled Christmas. Thank you to all who supported me in 2018. I hope you all have an awesome 2019!

Took this quick snap on my phone on the way to town 23/01/19. How amazing are these clouds 😍

26/01/19 - I think it’s safe to say sometimes I have my head up in the clouds. 😝☁️

What a beautiful country will live in (a little dry at the moment but fingers crossed rain isn’t far away.)

(And don’t worry, I had pulled over to take the photos).

A re-share of a photo from last year. I do love silhouettes ❤️🐮

And I’ve got my head up in the clouds again... 😂😂 ☁️☁️

This is an “I saw God today” moment. He’s the most wonderful artist 🎨❤️

(Another phone photo, but phone photos are better than no photos aren’t they?)

I know I’ve shared this photo before (perhaps on more than one occasion) but it is still one of my all time favourite photos. 😍 I hope you like it too!

Oh I can’t wait till we see clouds like this again! 😍😍

06/03/19 - Oh how they’ve grown!

Our little bubbas are 12 weeks old now - I really don’t know where the time has gone!

13/03/19 - A re-share of a stormy sunset.

There’s a few storms around this afternoon and I’d love to be out getting some photos 📷 but this time of the day now means bath time 🛁 , cuddles and breastfeeding my babies 👶🏼👶🏼 (and witching hour - please tell me witching hour doesn’t stick around forever! 😜😂)

But I am making the most of my little people being little and loving every moment ❤️❤️

18/03/19 - Well it rained! ☔️ It was so great to see some wet stuff over the weekend - I hope you got some too! Here’s a quick snap I took on my phone on Saturday afternoon

Another phone photo - my Dad giving some of his bulls a feed of hay🙂

20/03/19 - It’s been a while since I did a “Which one Wednesday” but I took these yesterday down my driveway and did 2 quick edits.. what’s your pick? (The 2nd one has a matte affect on it).

(More phone photos - it’s a bit hard to hold my big camera in one hand and baby in the other!)

The first version won.

One of my favourite sounds is rain on the roof ☔️❤️

31/03/19 - It seems I’ve been sharing lots of cloud photos lately, so here’s a photo that’s not of clouds for something a bit different 😉

I saw these leaves on the ground during my afternoon walk this afternoon so stopped and snapped a couple of photos on my phone. How gorgeous are the colours 😍

I’ve never been down south during Autumn to see the colours of the leaves change but it’s on my photo bucket list - I think I’d have lots of fun with my camera 😉

It was so nice to see some green grass around in April!

Such a cool sky!

My page went a bit quiet in May - my two little humans were keeping me very busy (and still are hehe).

28/05/19 - Today’s sunset was a bit like this one! The colours were amazing, but I wasn’t able to get out and take any photos of it.


03/06/19 - I got my camera out the other day! I dusted the cobwebs off it and took it out for a spin, and ended up with this photo! 🕸📸🌾

I think this is my favourite type of grass to photograph - I just love the colours and the way it sparkles in the sunlight 😍

And old posts... well, you all know how much I love old rustic stuff!

The cows may have been looking at us because one of my babies was chucking a wobbly...and he may have been chucking a wobbly because Mummy was taking too long taking photos 😝🤣

When I shared this photo, I thought the Black & White was going to win hands down! How wrong was I 🤣 The Black & White is my favourite for this one, but hubby likes the Colour! Life would be boring if we agreed on everything 😝

And just like that half the year was done! It'll be Christmas before we know it.

Thanks for checking out my photos - I hope you liked them, even if half of them were taken on my phone.

Bindi :)

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