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Facebook | The rest of 2018

So after neglecting my website and blog for over 12 months now, I thought it was about time I got it up to date and added some new photos!

Some of these photos were shared on my Facebook page over 12 months ago now (whoops!) but I hope you enjoy them anyway. This collection of photos were shared on my Facebook page between August and December 2018.

I lost my 'photojo' towards the end of the year (getting ready for the arrival of my 2 bundles of joy took most of my focus, and growing them took most of my energy hehe), so I didn't take or share that many photos but there's a few here none the less.


I went to a friend's property for a Harvest Thanksgiving Church service and I forgot my camera!!! 😱

Thankfully another friend had taken his along and let me steal it (I mean borrow it) a few times to get some photos 📸 (because sometimes the phone just doesn't cut it - So thanks Paul!).

Anyway, the adorable Coco here was just too cute not to photo with those teeth - so much character!

And... now I want an alpaca or two like Coco for my little farm (that at the time of posting this on Facbeook only had 2 humans, 2 dogs and 1 cat - this has now increased to 4 humans)... 😜

This was a 'Which one Wednesday' that I shared. They're a bit different to my normal 'Which one Wednesday' photos but I still wanted to know which was everyone's favourite - more grass or more sky. Grass was the clear winner on this one and is my favourite too.

(For anyone wondering, I think the flower is a Sturt's Desert Rose).

Another 'Which one Wednesday'. Colour was the winner :)

I reshared this photo in September (originally shared in September 2017) from a holiday hubby & I had in Victoria. It's hard to believe it's now almost 2 years since we were there!

This photo was shared exactly 12 months since I took it (18 September 2017).

I love the contrast between the moody clouds and the vibrant canola crop.

Occasionally I take photos and forget I've taken them, then discover them months later.. Like this beautiful sunset from back in June (shared in October).😍😍😍

Sunset is still my favourite time of the day 😍❤️

Which one Wednesday - This time it's 2 different edits on the very handsome Chocho... The Colour version (first photo) won but people really liked the Grunge version (second photo) too - it was a close one!

I may have bought myself a new lens🙊 (October 2018)... 📸📸📸

I took it out for a bit of a run the day it arrived in the mail and got a couple of snaps of my animals 🐶🐶🐱...

I learnt a couple of things in the process...

1. It is hard taking photos of dogs 🐶 and cats 🐱 solo (well that one was more of a reminder lol)

2. It's even harder taking photos of animals while 6 months pregnant 🤣 Crouching down wasn't too bad, a little uncomfortable but bearable.. But getting up was another story 😝

I think Miss Pepper could be a model though, don't you? 😂

There was thick smoke haze in the air on the 1st October when I took this photo at 'Kensington', Yamala, giving the horizon some gorgeous colours.

This particular spot on 'Kensington' would have to be my favourite sunset location - You can't get a much clearer view of the sunset than this, and there's that awesome tree to add interest to the photos 😍❤️🌳🌞

Another smokey sunset photo with a touch of dust... ❤️

I LOVE this photo! 😍 If I had taken this photo before my exhibition, it would have been printed on a canvas and on display for sure.

This bull is one of Bauhinia Park Charolais' stud sires - Lavoski.. or is it Lastovski... I can never remember... Let's just call him Mr La-ski 😜

It's been a while since I shared a photo of my sausages! 🐶🐾🌭 😜

So here's a snap of my Bandit & Smokey with my sister's Milo... I think Milo was very glad to go home so my dogs couldn't harass him anymore 😂😂😂

Aren't they handsome boys? 😍😍😍

I call this photo 'Wrinkles'. ❤️

Puppet's face is just priceless 😜🐴🐶

After I posted this photo of Puppet in November my page went awfully quiet for a while (but for good reason!)...

On 10th December we welcomed Elsie Grace (2.26kg, 47cm long) and Landon Tanner (2.24kg, 45cm long) into the world. We couldn’t be happier. 😍😍

The rest of 2018 was spent getting to know my little bambinos and adjusting to life with two newborns! The camera gathered quite a bit of dust for a while, but has been brought back out of the darkness a little bit lately so watch this space for more photos!

Bindi :)

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