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A big blue tractor

Planting wheat with the big blue tractor. Around here, it doesn’t really matter what colour the machinery is, as long as it’s not green 😜

Our little people love it when they get to go for a ride on the tractor (or anything with an engine really).

And how amazing is this sky! (Spoiler alert - Make sure you scroll to the bottom for a gorgeous sunset, and drone photos too!).

Captured: 29 May 2022

Location: West of Emerald, Central Queensland

I was really hoping the sky would turn it on for sunset with those awesome clouds. For a little bit it didn’t look like there was going to be any colour at all, but then this happened 🤩

This is just part 1 of the photos from our wheat season for 2022. Watch this space for another Blog post coming soon with photos of the paddock once the wheat was up and out of the ground! (Then there should be photos of the crop when it's beautiful and gold, followed by harvest over the next couple of months).

Bindi 📷


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