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A Carpet of Green

These photos were taken back in July last year. I started writing this Blog post around then too, but never posted it. So as usual I'm playing catch up, but here it is...

We went on an “adventure” (as our then 3.5 year-old daughter called it) and went for a drive out to the Gemfields then back via the paddock where the crops are.

Part of the paddock was looking a picture with its bright green carpet of wheat. I had lots of fun with the drone and have more ideas for another day. But here’s some I got during this adventure.

Captured: 9 Jul. 2022

Location: West of Emerald, Central Queensland

The sorghum wasn’t ready to come off before we had a week or two of rain, so it all reshot, and the brolgas found it.

I had never seen so many brolgas in one spot! I love watching and listening to them, but don’t love what they do to the crops. Anthony had fun trying to chase them with the drone and now wants to get a speaker for it 😜

I took these photos with my camera stuck out the car window while hubby was driving, chasing them out of the sorghum 😜 Considering we were bumping around a fair bit, I think these turned out not too bad! (We were on the edge of the paddock, not driving through it, but the black soil track was still bumpy enough).

Some of the neighbours steers were on the other side of the fence and I got some photos of them as well. I have a bit of a yarn to tell about one of them, so I’ll save those photos for another post 😉

Bindi 📷

(On a side note, I didn’t take any photos at the Gemfields but have some spots I’d love to send the drone up to get some photos, so we will head back out there another day).


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