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A Good Friday Storm

I put the drone up from home on Good Friday to capture these shots of this awesome storm!

It was amazing to watch and the colours from the reflection of the sunset were stunning! So much pink, purple and that peachy orange.

The only thing that would make these photos better for me would be a lightning strike or two! But unfortunately I didn’t get any lightning shots. 😢 (I hardly saw any lightning but heard plenty of rumbling, and I have seen some amazing lightning photos from this storm that other's took, so it just wasn’t my day but that's ok.) I'm still stoked with these photos! The rain and cloud formations were so good.

To begin with, I couldn't fit the full height of the cloud in the frame! But as it drifted further away, I was able to get it all in. The panoramic photos are 4-6 photos stitched together.

Captured: 7 Apr. 2023

Location: Emerald, Central Queensland

(The last photo here was taken at 5.38pm and is the storm before it passed over us, looking south west, and then the others were taken 20-25 minutes later after it had gone passed, looking east).

I think one of these photos will definitely be in next year's calendar short list!

Bindi 📷


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