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Box of all sorts

I love this collection of photos! They are all so different, kind of like a box of all sorts chocolates, but they were all taken on the same afternoon and on the same property - my brother's!

'Kensington' is where I grew up through my high school years and until I moved into town with Anthony. It's where I found my love for photography, and is definitely one of my special places!

I've taken lots of photos at 'Kensington', but there's always something different or new to take photos of. After all, nothing ever stays the same, does it.

Capture Date: 3 July 2021

Location: Comet, Central Queensland

A weaner through the rails. I love the bokeh (technical term for the round circle bits) at the bottom of this photo!

And the nose, of course.

Cousins. I love the patterns in the dirt in this photo!

And I couldn't decide whether I liked the colour or black and white version better, so I'm sharing both!

My little man's gumboots in the cotton seed pile.

Cheeky cockatoos hanging out on the silo - they have been naughty and chewing wires!

This was the only photo of these galahs that was in focus (out of about 4 or 5, but at least I got one! 😜) and it’s a hard photo to get to look “straight” because of the slope of the paddock 😂 but I love the colour of the sky, the clouds and of course the galahs! Oh, and Alfie the horse.

One of my beautiful nieces. She loves climbing the rails in the cattle yards!

A beautiful mumma - she's a first calf heifer to twins! (I know what that feels like 😜)

A handsome boy with his winter coat. He looks like a big, cuddly teddy bear!

Do you like the colour or black and white?

What about near or far?

I don't know why but I love the shadows from the gate!

Little miss crawling to Daddy in the dirt.

Boys being boys! The bulls always seem to stir up around sunset.