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Buffel Grass Magic

We were at my Dad & Mum's place the other day on sunset and the buffel grass was sparkling. There was cloud low on the horizon, and when the sun disappeared, the buffel heads went from gold to silver.

These photos aren't perfect, especially the later ones that were taken at dusk. Some are a bit fuzzy, and some a bit grainy, but I think they look magic just the same.

Capture Date: 4 Feb. 2021

Location: "Grandridge", Yamala, Central Queensland

I love that golden hour light.

A bit of movement in the grass and the tree, but I wanted to get the sunstars through the leaves.

A paddock of gold, until the sun dropped behind the cloud.

Then it became silver.

A little feather dancing in the breeze.

I hope you could see the magic in these photos too!

Bindi 📷


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