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Bush Flowers

These flowers were absolutely incredible! And they smelt amazing too I might add (although, I can't imagine they would have been much fun for hay fever sufferers hehe).

They were flowers on Leichardt Bean Trees (their scientific name is Cassia Brewsteri and they're also known as Brewster's Cassia) and are native to Queensland (how cool!).

I took these photos at my Dad & Mum's place and some of the trees were just completely covered in flowers. They looked magnificent! Some had yellow flowers, some red and some were orange. When Mum told me the Bean Trees were flowering, I didn't imagine they would be anywhere near this spectacular! (Thanks Mum) 😉

Capture date: 13 & 15 Sept. 2020

Location: "Grandridge", Yamala (Emerald), Central Queensland

See what I mean? Just incredible.

As always, I hope you've enjoyed my photos!

Bindi 😊


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