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Dust & Red Dirt

Before I tell you about this collection of photos, I thought I'd share a little update on what's been happening in the world of Bindi Taneal Photography...

Things have been busy but quiet at the same time on the photography front lately.

My calendar orders have been keeping me busy (the pre-orders seemed to take me forever to get out! So thank you to everyone for your patience) and I also had a stall at the Emerald State School Gift & Craft Fair back in November. A huge thank you to everyone who supported me by either purchasing a calendar, or by coming to see me at the Craft Fair.

On the quiet side, this is my first Blog post since September, and I've been quiet on Facebook and Instagram as well. I have hardly picked up my camera or sent the drone up for the last month or two. (We had a short getaway to the beach last week and both the camera and drone came all the way down with us, and home again, without either of them leaving their bags... Admittedly the weather wasn't great for photos, but I also enjoyed the downtime with my family and didn't really get a chance to get them out). Life has just been busy in general and Elsie and Landon are certainly keeping me on my toes! (It's so hard to believe they will be 3 in less than a week!)

Now onto a bit about this collection of photos!...

I took these photos at my Dad & Mum's place back in May. Not long after I took these, 'Grandridge' was almost 80% destocked because of the drought, but I am happy to report they've had over 200mm in the last 6 weeks so it will be looking very different now! (I will have to go out and get some updated photos soon!)

The day these photos were taken, I took close to 400 photos between my DSLR and my drone and these are my favourites.

Usually the cattle I get to take photos of on my parent's and brother's places are either black (Angus) or white (Charolais). But they had bought some Simmental cross trade heifers which had all sorts of beautiful colours in them, so I had lots of fun taking photos of some different colours. (The black weaners in the photos are Angus, but the others are mostly Simmental cross). I would love to one day have my own little herd of maybe 15 or 20 cows, but if it ever happens, they will be the most motley and random bunch of cows you'll ever see, with all sorts of colours and markings! Beauty is in eye of the beholder, right?

The drone photos (they're around the middle of the collection below) were the first ones I ever took at my Dad and Mum's place. Some notes about the drone photos...

  • The soil at 'Grandridge' is soooo red! And it is really accentuated in the drone photos.

  • The first two drone photos of the cattle in the yards - if you look closely, you'll see nearly all the gates in the round yard are mostly open, but it's almost like the weaners have drafted themselves into their different colours. It's amazing how the black ones mostly stick together.

  • My Dad and brother are drafting the weaners in the last 2 drone photos of the yards. I love how you can see them in the shadows. (Ryan is a bit hard to see but he is in there).

  • I never realised their cattle yards were this shape! I had always just assumed they were more of a rectangular shape, so I got a pleasant surprise and the second last drone shot is one of my new all time favourites! (You may recognise it from my 2022 Rural Calendar).

I'll quit rambling now so you can check the photos out!

Capture Date: 6th May 2021

Location: "Grandridge", Yamala, Central Queensland

Well that's the longest Blog post I've written in a long time, and possibly the most photos I've shared in a collection too!

Thanks for sticking by me and reading to the end. I hope you enjoyed the photos and reading a bit about them, and a bit about what's been going on in the world of Bindi Taneal Photography! Hopefully you won't have to wait as long for my next Blog post...

Bindi 📷

PS. If you couldn't manage to see Ryan in the last 2 drone photos of the yards, he's in the round pen up against one of the rails. 😉


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