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Exciting Collaboration!

There's been a few things happening behind the scenes here at Bindi Taneal Photography and I'm excited to tell you about this collaboration!

Gemma from Glory Gifts and Designs has used three of my photos in her latest Print + Prayer Collection - "Selah + the Secret Place", and it looks amazing!

I'm so thankful for Gemma's support and these are my three photos that are included in the collection:

Here's a sneak peak of the full Collection and Prayer Journal:

How good do they look?!

A bit about the Print + Prayer Collections from the Glory Gifts and Designs website:

The Print + Prayer Collections help women fit God’s Word into their busy lives.

The devotional reading will give you context and further Scripture references on the theme. Whether it suits you to journal every day in the booklet or to just display the prints and pray, God will meet you there. You will find this an easy and enjoyable way to invest in your Spiritual growth.

Get ready to be changed by the incredible Word of God!

Printed Collections are only available while stocks last and will not be reprinted.

Gemma's Print + Prayer Collections are amazing, but she also has lots of other goodies in her online store too, so click here to check it out!

Bindi 📷


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