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Flowers of gold


We took the kids for a drive to the Fairbairn Dam one day to get out of the house, and we came across some beautiful wattle flowers!

Normally when we go on an 'adventure' (aka drive), I take my camera and drone along for the ride because we just never know what we might come across. This particular day, I didn't! But I made sure we went back for another drive a few days later. It was quite late in the afternoon by the time we got there (right on sunset) and these trees were hidden from the sun by a hill, but I think the photos turned out quite affective with the darker backgrounds.

Captured: 27 May 2022

Location: Fairbairn Dam, Emerald Qld

Wattle silhouette with the Fairbairn Dam in the background.


Did you know Brigalow flowered? I didn't until the day I took these photos. They are another kind of wattle flower. I am feeling quite ripped off though - the Brigalow at mum and dad's was all in flower, but our Brigalow here at our place was not! Maybe next year.

The yellow flowers were quite stunning against the silver leaves.

Captured: 4 Jun. 2022

Location: Yamala, Central Queensland

We don't get a huge amount of native wildflowers here in Central Queensland, but I sure am thankful for the ones we do have, even if we don't see them every year.

Bindi 📷


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