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Rural Reflections

I mentioned in my last post that there's been a few things happening behind the scenes... Well, here's some info about another one!

You may have heard me mention a 'project' that I've been working on over the last little while. Well, this 'project' is finally at the printers, so I can share some details at long last!

Pastor Stephen Jaensch and other members from our church (St John's Lutheran Church, Emerald Qld) have been putting together a devotion book!

It is called "Rural Reflections - Living Out Front with the Outback God" and features 118 devotional reflections with approximately 90 photographs throughout. It was inspired by the ongoing drought across our region (and other regions too).

The reflections have been written by Pastor Steve, members of our congregation and others from our wider Christian community in Central and Western Queensland. (I even managed to write a couple, but don't judge me on them - there's definitely a reason I take photos and not write!).

I had the privilege of doing the design work for the book and over 60 of my photos have been included in it. I'm so proud of the end result! Although, it is still incredibly nerve-racking that it's getting printed, but very exciting all the same!

The books will be available later this month, but you can Pre-Order now! They are $20 (plus P&H) and can be ordered from our church's website (click here!).

I would love for you guys to check it out!

Bindi 📷


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