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The story behind the logo

I've been using my current logo/watermarks for just over 12 months now, but I wanted to share some fun facts about it!

  1. I drew it myself. I started the process of paying someone else to do it, but realised I was far too fussy and picky, and that it would be easier to do it myself or we'd all go insane... so I did it! 😝

  2. The outline of the camera is the outline of a Nikon D750 which is the camera model I use.

  3. It is a windmill in the centre of the camera, not a flower.

  4. I got the outline of the windmill from 2 photos I had taken. The fan, the stand and the bird's nest are from one photo, and the tail is from another, but both photos were of the same windmill, just different angles. (Hopefully I got that windmill terminology right!)

  5. The 'Bindi Taneal' part of the logo is my own scratchy handwriting! You have no idea how many times I wrote it on paper to get it to look even, straight and 'perfect' - I had pages! Even then I had to tweak it once I got it into the design program I used. 😂

  6. There are a few different versions of it but they're all based around the same design.

And one last fun fact for you... Am I writing this because I am procrastinating about something else I should be doing? Absolutely! 😝😝😝

Bindi 📷


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