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Tractors, kids, boots & a dog

After not having enough rain to put any crops in all last year, our family finally got enough rain to be able to plant sorghum! We went out for a look, and so the kids could go for a drive on the tractor - Landon in particular loves tractors, trucks and anything with an engine. He loved it and had a great time 'driving' the tractor, Elsie liked being on the tractor but didn't want to 'drive', and I had fun taking photos.

When the neighbour dropped by with his dog, how could I resist taking photos of man's best friend?

(Make sure you click on the photos to get a better look at them).

Capture Date: 20 Jan. 2021

Location: West of Emerald, Central Queensland

I hope you enjoyed this small snippet of planting! (Cute kids and dog included) 😉 And fingers crossed the crop will do well and I'll be able to share sorghum photos with you later in the year!

Bindi 📷


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