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We took a detour

At the beginning of the year, the kids had been sick, we had been cooped up at home and I hadn't been able to 'fill my creative cup' with my camera for a while. I was itching to go and photograph something.. anything!

So one day I decided we would take a detour on our way home from town. A trip home that usually takes 15 minutes took over an hour and a half. I got to 'fill my cup' with my camera in hand, and the kids had a good nap in the car.

Captured: 2 Jan. 2023

Location: On some back roads around Emerald/Gindie, Central Queensland

I am assuming this is some sort of weed but it was so pretty and the bees seemed to like it too.

On the drive, we came across a paddock with beautiful big gums. I love a good tree and I'll definitely be back to photograph them again.

Natal grass... Probably my favourite grass to photograph, especially when the sun makes it all sparkly.

I see the moon.

Part of our detour was on a dirt road and whoever drove on the road next probably thought "Who and what the heck was this person doing" 😝 I was leaving tracks all over the road, going from one side to the other, reversing if I wanted to go back and have another look at something along and then there was the occasional U-turn too 😝

But when:

I have my camera in hand (or if it's riding shotgun)

I'm in the mood

I have the time

and the light is right

then I just have to stop to try get a photo or two (or twenty)!

I would love to know this cow's story! I didn't realise until I was home editing the photos (I don't have the greatest eyesight and I had the camera zoomed in), but it looks like part of her bottom lip is missing. It makes me wonder whether she was once a poddy and whether she would have let me give her a pat if there hadn't been a whole heap of long grass between us that I wasn't game to walk through in my shorts and thongs 😜

I still can't decide if I like the colour or black & white edit better for this photo. I love how inquisitive cattle can be.

What detour is complete without a windmill photo?

Taking these photos was good for my soul.

I hope you have enjoyed them!

Bindi 📷


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