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We went to the beach!

In December last year, we went to the beach! Mooloolaba Beach to be specific. It's obviously taken me a while to share these with you all, but today I'm dreaming of a beach holiday so thought they were the perfect collection of photos to post.

While we were at Mooloolaba, there was a king tide and I would have loved to have got some photos of it, but my priority was spending time with my kids, hubby and the rest of my family, so time with my camera was limited. I am very thankful for the couple of opportunities I did get though.

It rained the first few days we were there as well, so the water wasn't as clear or blue as usual, but still beautiful.

I also didn't get any photos on my big camera of our kids at the beach, but with the two of them, we had to be with them the whole time and I wasn't risking my camera ending up in the water so it stayed packed away and safe whenever we were at the water with them. (I would love to be able to clone myself so I could be taking photos as well as be in the photos!)

The first day I took my camera down to the beach, I wanted to try and get photos of the waves hitting the rocks with a slow shutter speed so the photos had the blurred motion/movement look. Daylight and dusk would probably be the best times of the day to get the kinds of photos I was chasing, but as you probably already know, I am not a morning person, and with our two little people, I had to fit in around them. So I was down at the beach with my camera in the middle of the day while E&L were having their daytime nap instead. Not an ideal time of the day to try and get the photos I wanted because of the light being so harsh, but I made do with what I had and I'm wrapped with the results considering.

[Camera geek speak: It was the middle of the day (around 1pm) and I had no ND filter. So I put the f stop up to f22, my ISO as low as it would go (ISO-50) and had the exposure as slow as I could without losing the details in the whites, which was around 1/20 sec. I had also forgotten to take my tripod down, so was using the rocks to keep the camera stable.]

(I think this photo above is probably my favourite of these ones)

The second day I took my camera down, I was trying to get the opposite kinds of photos as the first day - I wanted sharp, crisp photos of the waves and water droplets in the air. I love how these ones turned out too!

On our last night at the beach, we went for a walk down along the esplanade on dusk, and I'm so glad I chucked my camera and tripod in the bottom of the pram! It was low tide so I didn't get the photos of the waves hitting the rocks like I would have liked, but still happy with how these turned out. The sky was amazing!

I would love to get some better photos like this when we go back again!

I hope you've enjoyed these beach holiday snaps!

Bindi 📷


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