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If you've been following my photography for a while, you will know that I LOVE old rustic things! Needless to say, I am loving this collection of photos!

I have taken photos of these old stables on more than one occasion before, but until now the photos were always taken from a distance. I have been itching to get some up close photos for years, and I was finally able to! It didn't disappoint and I am so happy with how these turned out!

Capture Date: 17 Feb. 2021

Location: Gindie, Central Queensland

How good are the weathered textures?!

I hope you loved this collection as much as I loved creating it!

Bindi 📷

P.S. This is one of the photos of the stables you may have seen before. It was taken 25 Aug. 2019 and was the February photo in my 2020 Calendar. I would so love to be able to pick the whole building up and move it to my place! 😉

P.P.S. There are two more Blog posts coming for photos that were taken this same afternoon, so watch this space!


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