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Facebook | June 2017

June was another busy month, with the Emerald Show and a restructure at my real job (the one that pays the bills and pays for my camera equipment hehe). So it was another quiet month for my camera and Facebook page. But here's the re-cap for you anyway :)

How adorable is this face! I think she is smiling at me ;)

Just a girl and her goat ;)

I went to Charmaine's at Easter to get photos of her baby lamb, but ended up having a lot more fun taking photos of her goats! (The lamb was a little camera shy...)

Matilda was a poddy goat so she is very friendly... I'm quite sure she thinks she's a dog!

This was the photo I shared on the first day of June, and the first day of winter! When I was trying to find a photo to share, I came to the realisation that I don't have many photos of 'cold'.

Living in Central Queensland, we don't get too much cold weather thankfully, and with the days being so short I don't get out with my camera much in winter at the best of times. So this is the best I could do!

This photo got me a first place at the Emerald Show! :D

The months of 2017 just seem to be flying by!

What do you do when your husband doesn't want to stand in front of the camera as a silhouette subject for you?... You use the car instead :P

I used two different editing styles for this photo and couldn't decide which one I liked best. So I asked which one people preferred on Facebook.. The top photo won ;)

Well that's all for June! Fingers crossed I get a few more opportunities to get the camera out in July.

Bindi :)

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