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1 Apr 2018

We had some amazing clouds and beautiful rain here in Central Queensland through out February. 


Here's the recap of photos I shared in February. I hope you like them! 



'The best things in life are free. The second best are very expensive'.
- Coco Chanel



A moody photo for a moody day 🙂

It was a cold and wet here at Emerald 04/02/2018. The perfect day for cuddling up in front of a movie, or reading a book.. ☔☔☔

We went from 40 degrees on the Friday to a cool 20 degrees Saturday and Sunday! Talk about a change in the weather ☀️🌧️

(I took this photo at Mooloolaba in December 2017)



Playing in the puddles  😁☔



I've been sharing a lot of sunsets lately (because we have been having some awesome ones!)... but I wanted to share something different tonight..

So I decided to share this one! I hope you all like it :D



I posted this photo of a post 11/02/2018.



I took this photo back in January, but there was similar sights in February with all the crazy weather we had here in CQ! The rain was beautiful though ☔☔☔

Do you have a favourite? I can't pick - I'm in love with them both! 




The sunset on 22/02/2018 was quite amazing. But you had to turn your back to it to see this spectacular cloud.

The colour changed quickly - the first photo was taken at 6.45pm, the second at 6.48pm and the third at 6.49pm.

These photos are all approx 8 photos stitched together.



My little pot of gold under the rainbow 😝

The clouds this afternoon were pretty amazing 😍😍



How awesome are these clouds and the reflection 😍😍😍

On Saturday Anthony & I went out to 'Kensington' (my brother's place/my old home) and of course my camera came along for the ride!

I love the wide open spaces at 'Kensington' and finding things to photograph is easy. ❤️


Bindi :) 



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