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Facebook | March 2018

And just like that, a quarter of 2018 is gone!

I used the long weekend to get up to date on a few jobs, including updating my Blog! So now at least that is up to date.. As for all the other jobs I had on my list that I didn't get to? Well, maybe next weekend ;)

Here's your monthly recap :)

This is another photo I took out at 'Kensington' 24/02/2018. ☁️ There was a bit of lightning but I wasn't able to capture any of it.

It's looking so beautiful and green at the moment and all the Bauhinia Park Bulls are fat and happy 😁

Those lashes 😍😍😍

I often edit a photo in both colour and black & white, and as you have probably noticed, I'm not a very decisive person and have trouble choosing which one to share with you all!

So I thought I would start 'Which one Wednesday'. 😉

(Colour was the winner on Facebook for this one)

It's been 12 months since I bought my old truck, and she finally has a name! I would like to officially introduce you all to 'Betty'. 😁

After months of trying to settle on a 'boy' name because Hubby said it was a boy, he has finally decided 'she' is a Betty 😂😜😁

(PS. How beautiful was today's sunset!)

I have a slight obsession with fairy grass at the moment! (Technically it is Natal Grass but I've always called it fairy grass) 😜

It's probably not the most technically correct photo, but that makes me love it even more 😍😍😍

I took this photo back in March 2013 (it's hard to believe that's 5 years ago already!) but there are similar sights around Emerald at the moment 😁

One of my favourite trees to photograph 😍🌳

Unfortunately the power poles got in the way, but I tried to make them work with the photo, rather than against it.

Here's another photo of my old truck 'Betty'. So which is your pick?

(Colour was the Facebook winner yet again.. Colour is obviously my strength hehe)

It was quite warm here at Emerald 31/03/2018 and I could quite easily gone for a play in the sprinkler!

Bindi :)

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