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2021 Sorghum Season

It's been a while since I shared any grain farming photos here on my Blog, so thought I would share some of the 2021 Sorghum crop and harvest (it was a very well photographed crop, so I have lots of photos!).

One of the most exciting things that happened during sorghum season 2021 for me was I bought a drone! We spent most of the season getting to know each other (and I'm still not a great pilot) but we had lots of fun and got some great shots.

It's pretty cool looking at these photos all together and seeing how the plant and colours change over time.

It took a long time for the crop to be ready, so it was a very long and drawn out harvest, but it did give me lots of opportunities to get the camera and drone out! They got quite a work out 😅

About half the photos in this post were taken with my drone, and about half with my DSLR. This is the longest post I've ever done and there's quite a few photos, so feel free to grab yourself a cuppa first 😉

(You can see some photos of planting here in my 'Tractors, kids, boots & a dog' post).

Captured: From 18 Apr. 2021 to 21 Jul. 2021

Location: West of Emerald, Central Queensland


18 Apr. 2021

Introducing my drone! (I think I need to come up with a name for it).

Anthony is a much better pilot than me haha.

Love that golden light.

Drone shots of the crop on dusk (looking East).

I love the colours in these dusk photos (DSLR shots now).


3 May 2021

Looking up the road.

This little guy was quite content with us walking around the crop.

Our little future farmer inspecting the crop with Daddy.

I wish I was as confident and bold as our little miss is with her clothing choices! At least her legs didn't get itchy hehe.

Amazing clouds.


27 May 2021

We had a lot of false starts with harvest. The grain was dry enough but the plant was still too wet. This drone shot was taken during one of many test strips.


10 Jun. 2021

Deep red tones.

Talking to the neighbours.

Someone loves sitting on the tractor!