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An hour on the farm

Just an afternoon out on the farm... I could happily take photos here every day of the year!

So many different colours in an hour of taking photos - I took the first photo at 5.55pm, and the last at 6.55pm! I'm not even joking! I also took the photos for the blog posts 'Weathered' and 'Sunflowers' on the same property, on the same afternoon, in the same hour as well! (I thought there were too many photos to share in just one post, so make sure you check the other two posts out if you haven't already.)

We are so incredibly blessed to have friends who are more like family, who live in such a beautiful spot, and let me take all the photos I want! Thank you Pukullas family! We love you!

Capture Date: 17 Feb. 2021

Location: Gindie, Central Queensland

This photo was taken through a mesh fence but I love how it frames the ewe in the photo.

Hello ewe 🐑😜

Little mister wasn't sure if he wanted to pat the lamb or not. He did end up having a go though! (And how groovy does he look in his sunnies!😎) Little miss on the other hand didn't want to go near the little sheepie hehe.

I love the big brown eyes alpacas have! And their noses look so soft and velvety.

Uncle Dwyane showing him how to close the gate.

“I'm gonna live where the green grass grows,

Watch my corn pop up in rows"...

- Tim McGraw

How cool do these corn rows look?! They looked so vibrant with the golden afternoon sun shining on them. And so straight!

Such an awesome place to watch the sunsets from.

Every farmer's favourite job is checking the rain gauge, isn't it? (Well, farmer's in Central Queensland anyway).

That view 😍

I still love silhouette photos.

I hope you enjoyed spending an hour on the farm with me, through my lens!

Bindi 📷

PS. Did you know my photos are available for purchase? I am hoping to add prints to my online store soon, but if anything catches your eye that you'd love to have a copy of, please reach out!


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