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Merry Christmas!

From my family to yours, I hope you have a magical Christmas! 🎄 Thank you for all your support this last year. It means a lot and you guys are the ones who keep me sharing!

It has been a busy year for us on the family front, so I haven't had much of a chance to get out with my camera this last 12 months. I've been pretty slack at the photo sharing too but our little people have been keeping me on my toes and I don't get a real lot of time in front of the computer these days. Fingers crossed my camera and I might be able to spend some quality time together over the next little while and over the coming year to get some new content for you all, otherwise I'll just have to go digging through the archives 😉

I hope you get a bit of downtime over this festive season and have a fantastic 2023!

Bindi 📷

PS. A bit of a story about the photos below... It was 6th December 2013 and Mum was about to pack the Christmas tree away (my Grandparent's wedding anniversary was 6th January so our tradition is to put the tree away on the 6th). At the time, it was pretty dry at home and Mum was feeding 4 poddy calves. So I had this awesome idea to get photos of the poddies with the tree 😂🎄 With Mum & Anthony's help, we took the tree out in front of the house, rounded the poddies up, and between the calves trying to eat the ornaments and getting tangled up in the cords from the lights, I managed to get these. I might have to try and get photos of our tree again this year, except with our little humans instead of calves - I think it would be just as challenging/entertaining. 😆 If I do, I'll have to get a time-lapse of it 🤣


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