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The 'logo' windmill

This is the windmill that I 'drew' the outline of and put in my logo!

I wish I could say it is on our place, but it's not (sad face). It's about 3 or 4km up the road from us, so still nice and close but still not as good as having it in our own 'backyard'. I haven't taken any photos of it lately (apparently it's been over 12 months!), but seeing this collection of photos together, I think it's about time I took some more photos of it.

One day I would love to get a windmill put in our paddock to take photos of but it's one of many things on the wish list! (Like having cows that can stick their heads over the backyard fence for a scratch). But we all have to dream, don't we? 😉

I'm sure I probably have more photos of this windmill in my collection, but here's some that I found! I love seeing the different clouds, colours and seasons in the photos, taken throughout different times of the year. It's never the same!

Capture Date: See the captions for capture dates

Location: Emerald, Central Queensland

Capture Date: 27 Feb. 2018

Capture Date: 8 Jun. 2020 - You have probably seen this photo before but it is one of my favourites! I have had it printed on coasters and it looks amazing! (You can find them in my online store!)

Capture Date: 27 Jul. 2020 (above and below)

Capture Date: 20 Oct. 2020 - How amazing are the colours in this photo! One day when I have time I want to photoshop the powerline out of this photo! But that day is not today 😜

Capture Date: 24 Oct. 2020 - I think I'm going to call this one 'Pink Whispers'.

Capture Date: 4 Jan. 2021

Capture Date: 16 Jan. 2021 (above and below)

Capture Date: 18 Jan. 2021

Capture Date: 23 Jan. 2021 - This isn't the greatest photo and certainly isn't my favourite, but I wanted to share it because this was the first time I had ever seen cows near it!

For me, there's just something about windmills that always makes a good photo so I love this collection! Unfortunately, this windmill hasn't faired well in the last few storms we've had so it's looking a little worse for wear, but I will have to go use it for a photo subject again soon.

Bindi 📷


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