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Twice the love

So I probably started writing this Blog post about 12 months ago... And then life happened and I never got around to posting it. So 'Part 1' was written early last year, and 'Part 2' has been written now...


My two beautiful babies turned 2! I still can't believe we have 2 year olds. It feels like only yesterday I was crying because I still wasn't pregnant, or holding newborns in my arms for the first time. It's like I blinked and here we are!

I was a couple of weeks late taking their 2 year old photos, but we got there. They are growing up so quickly and they just love exploring life. Our little miss loves pink, pretty dresses and bows in her hair, and our little mister loves anything with an engine. They both love playing with the hose in the backyard and watching Bluey on TV with Daddy. They are both starting to talk more and more, and their vocabulary is growing every day. (Current favourite words when I originally wrote this were: Glasses, stinky and toilet).

Taking photos of them is really not an easy task (they just don't sit still! Hehe), but here are some of my favourites.

Capture Date: 23 Dec. 2020

Location: Our place, Emerald Qld

Miss E's hair is finally starting to grow and I think L's is nearly due for another hair cut! 😉

Cuddles! (Or 'Cud-cars' as they call them)... So darn cute! I love them to bits.

(I was so excited when I got this photo.. and I love how they having matches scabs on their knees too hehe).


Watching the sunset... (Or Daddy with the hose hehehe)


I blinked again and they turned 3! I was even later taking photos of them this year, and didn't pull the old tub out... I have been planning on taking some more photos of them when hubby is home to help me, but as usual, life has been busy. Maybe this week.

Little Miss still loves pink (but also loves purple and yellow too), dresses and girlie things. She is starting to discover dolls and loves swimming. Little Mr loves pulling things apart, playing in the dirt and the mud, and still loves anything with an engine (just like his Daddy). They are loving puzzles at the moment and are mostly good at playing together, although generally if they're keeping themselves entertained, it also means they are making a big mess. We are working on that though 😜

Even though I didn't get many photos of Landon on his own, or with the tub, I'm still so happy I have these as memories of our 3-year-olds though. There's a few different edits in these (some are a bit different to my usual), but I hope you like them. I also still need to photoshop the soaker hose out of some of the photos, but if we wait for that to happen, this Blog post will never get posted! 😜

Capture Date: 12 Jan. 2022

Location: Our place, Emerald Qld

Our little princess.

Two different edits of this photo..

Cuddles! (Or 'Cuttles' as Landon calls them)


Bunny kisses!

Love this photo of little miss.

I said to them "Can you please stand still and hold hands"... So they did this... 😂 Did I mention they're not very good at following my instructions?

Making rock towers.

Being all cute, holding hands

I might be biased, but I think they're pretty darn cute! We are truly so blessed.

No doubt, I'll blink and it will be time to take their 4-year-old photos! (And with another little cherub in tow by then too). But I am trying to make the most of this beautiful age (as frustrating as some days may be) because time doesn't wait for anyone.

Bindi 📷


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